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There is nothing more rewarding than partnering with your
PWD to do what it was born to do – WATER WORK !

This page is dedicated to Lorraine Wilson and her love of the water sport.
Lorraine was an unbelievable trainer, friend and mentor. She touched so many lives and will be missed dearly. Her BigBay dogs are a true testament of her breeding program with their amazing temperaments and drive for the water.

PWD Water WorkPortuguese Water Dog

Liza and Lorraine - she loved to fly!  


Lena - Gr Ch BigBay Stormy Weather first BigBay dog to earn her Versatility tile, the top level
water work award! Lorraine was as pleased as can be! 

Learn how to train your PWD to participate in water trials through our
Annual Water Work Training programs

Programs offered for all trial levels – Junior through Courier Water Dog)

Join the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada (https://pwdcc.org)

No prior experience necessary!


Lorraine Wilson PWD Training
Lorraine Wilson PWD


Water Work demo with BigBay Waterdogs Courtesy of www.Paws-talk.net

BigBay Water Work bar

Enless River PWD

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